Monday, 3 August 2015


All is not well in Writerland, but I persevere. There are many files with half-stories in them. I do what I can to finish those tales.
   Not all is bad in Writerland. Ideas slip into files and they grow, slowly, into stories. I publish these tales.
   Or reorganise. Sometimes I run favours. And so. A recap of activity, visible and invisible...


I stripped blog posts from MIRA E. Reorganisation from hybrid product to standalone novel. Trickier than I thought it'd be, even though I thought it'd be trickier than I thought it'd be.
   And I bundled FICTION FACTORY tales into an OMNIBUS collection.
   For that, I changed notes at the end of five stories, revamped all blurb, and revised back matter in all my Kindle books.
   Details drifted a little inside the Amazon bookshelf, and I squelched things in the name of consistency. One isolated work lied to me, listed as a series. WTF?! If you accidentally mislead yourself, think of the women and children! Or, at least, the customers.
   This year I went from ten products on Amazon to eleven products on Amazon. I published once. And that was an omnibus. But I republished my bookshelf items 95 times, so the e-mail trail tells me.
   Amazon changes. And what wasn't a glitch before suddenly becomes a glitch now. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Better fix that. Fix that, I did. Yoda, I am not.


I looked at JAPANESE MONSTERS, half-written and in sore need of finishing. And I looked at DOUG CHAMBERS: ZOMBIE! Also half-finished. Easier to finish, too.
   Invisible work? I decided to roast away all those blog posts about the zombie story. That tale goes to KDP Select when released, so it runs exclusively. No lengthy excerpts on the blog.
   It's all reorganisation. Invisible mending.
   As a favour, I finished editing the Kindle version of Lady Injury by Melissa C. Water. She sneaked into the top ten on a paid-for chart on this side of the Atlantic. Guess we did something right.


All of this stuff takes time, effort, energy, and coffee.
   I look at the Ghost of Blog Posts Past, and I see projects still unpublished. Now I'm in the business of busying myself over unfinished business.
   That meant scrapping things. The blogging-plus-novel format croaked. No regrets. MIRA E. survived the divorce. You try a mad experiment. It bites the dust. You stand up, dust down, and plod on.
   Major reorganisation of Neon Gods was a good thing. Other stories in that series are now easier to write up. Occasionally, writers manage to type stuff - but, hell, we don't make it easier on ourselves.
   I made it easier on myself.


What the hell is DINORAGE! when it's at home? Just another FICTION FACTORY story sitting on the shelf. Unfinished business. Time to dust that off. Soon. There'll be dinosaurs. And rage. In a toyshop. Toy Story, it ain't.


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