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This is now buried in the archive, with the dedicated blog page removed, and must be marked COMPETITION CLOSED.


Style is style, taste is taste, and sometimes the twain will meet.
   I'm not a Hemingway fan. That's neither here nor there to you. I received a freebie: Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway, selected and introduced by David Hughes, Folio Society, 1986.
   That tome was free and I just couldn't get into it. Now, to promote reading and writing on READ TUESDAY, this Folio edition is up for grabs in a giveaway.
   READ TUESDAY is a sale day in December. Books will be on sale as freebies or at discounted rates - in 2014, the big day falls on the 9th of the month.
   Writers needn't hold a sale to participate in the event...
   Last year, I plugged writers who couldn't arrange a discount or a freebie on the day itself. We don't just want to sell our books, we want people to get talking about reading and writing.
   What to do? Well, here's this book sitting lost and unloved (and taking up valuable space) on my bookshelf. It's no use to me. But it might be the best thing to you.
   Judge for yourselves. Here are the stories and a snapshot of the cover...

And there's the spine, too.

Prize Draw Terms and Conditions.

This is a free prize draw running from the moment of this page's publication until midnight GMT on the 16th of December 2014. 

The draw is governed by Scots Law and Scottish arbitration.

Entry is available to all, except in countries where free prize draws are illegal.

If you are considered under-age (not an adult) in your country, seek permission before entering the competition and arrange competition entry through your parent/legal guardian.

Entrants are not required to make a purchase to enter the draw.

To participate, entrants sign up to the JOIN prompt on this blog. Here is the wording of the prompt...

THOSE WHO MISTAKENLY WANDERED IN. Join this site with Google Friend Connect.

If you can't see that box because you have advert-blocking software running, then temporarily disable to see the box - you'll also see the Amazon carousel featuring my books.

   Here's what you are looking for...

Right at the bottom of the image, in eye-straining white on the blue background.

A winner will be chosen at random from the blog sign-up entries on the 17th of December 2014.
   The winner will be notified by e-mail shortly thereafter.
   In the event that the winner is uncontactable, unable, or unwilling to accept the prize, the prize will be awarded to another randomly-chosen entrant. An announcement to that effect will appear on the blog, if it comes to the crunch.

My friends, family, and business associates are barred from entering the free prize draw.

There is one prize: a Folio Society hardback copy of Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway, 1986, along with the slipcase.

Unless they invent teleportation right sharpish, this prize will be posted out through the medium of snail-mail, parcel post, and the winner will have to furnish a physical land address or Post Office Box Number to receive the parcel.

The prize does not have an alternative cash or gift equivalent - I accept no responsibility for the prize being lost or damaged in the post.

And the winner is...going to be mentioned on the blog, just to keep things square with the law.
   Though I'd appreciate a photo of the prize on its new bookshelf, just to show the readers, I won't dust down the thumbscrews. Please don't show bank statements in any photo you do send to the blog. That would be a giveaway too far. :0


This prize draw appears on the blog itself in archive-form and temporarily on a dedicated competition blog page.



There was no result. Though I received blog-sign-ups, those were by people classed as business associates. If I entered into business-related e-mail chatter prior to the sign-up, the person was barred from participating in the draw.
   And so...
   In conclusion, all the Hemingway fans are dead. Or they already own the short stories. The book remains lost, unloved, taking up space on my shelf.
   Fuck. I thought that was a gloomy state of affairs before I hosted a giveaway. :0


  1. I want no prizes. Only newsletters, which are kind of like prizes.

  2. Thanks for signing up. You are ineligible for the prize as you steered me in the direction of sauerkraut - for which you will one day pay.

    But...yes, I'll use this list to throw out showbiz exclusives and warnings about food you really shouldn't even try once.


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