Tuesday, 3 December 2013


This blog has seen several guest stars on it - all in the name of READ TUESDAY. (Described in blurb as a BLACK FRIDAY winter sale event, but for books.)
   Surely I can't plug my books here. This isn't just about the sale.
   Eventually, though, the sale comes. After plugging a whole bunch of people - but not in a gangsterish way - I've arranged a space on the blog. Here, I'll drop anchor and show off my wares.
   I'll repeat what I said over at GREEN EMBERS.


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My FICTION FACTORY line is for Kindle stories around the 30,000-word mark. WITCHES serves as a great introduction to the series.
   If you like fairy tales steeped in intrigue, with a touch of what we Scots call the unca’ – the uncanny – then this story is for you.
FICTION FACTORY tales are full of witches, werewolves, vampires, assassins, aliens…
   Each story opens with a prologue and then runs three chapters, closing with story-creation notes. With that format, at that general length, you get a great story told in the space available for the price charged.
   So, on READ TUESDAY, swamped by all those cut-price full-length novels, consider my free story…
   Then find yourself on the sofa of a cold winter’s night, reading a tale o’ witches…

Read Tuesday Sale Plan:

I’ll have two Kindle books on sale come READ TUESDAY, but I’m not greedy – I’ll only plug the one here. Both books are free on the day.
   What? I’m not making money from the sale? Of course, those who like what they read may return to purchase from the paid stall.
But READ TUESDAY isn’t just a sale.
   It’s about getting people talking about reading and writing books. In the run-up to the big day, I’m featuring READ TUESDAY participants on my blog…
   However, I am also offering blog space to authors who can’t make the sale on that Tuesday.
   More importantly, I am offering space on my blog to those fragile creatures – unpublished writers. Publicity doesn’t always have to be in aid of the published.
   I’m willing to support those who want to see their books out in time for the next READ TUESDAY in 2014. Dare to dream. Then dare to do more than dream.

This is my blog, so I will give space to the other book on sale that day. I'll be using discount pricing in future sales - but, as the December sale day came through mistimed against my Amazon sale cycle, I'm not running partial discounts on the day. No - I'm going into the free zone...

 Click on that image to go to Amazon.

Looking to get away from the epic quest in fantasy fiction? You've come to the right place.
   Neon Gods Brought Down by Swords takes you through the steam-powered streets of a blood-flecked city.
   The only people who aren't on Gilach Mac Gilach's side are the ones who really really aren't on his side.
   Swords flash in the gaslight. Oaths are broken, or uttered.
   If Gilach is lucky, he'll have a moment of inspiration and uncoil himself from the Serpentine conspiracy.
   Of course, he'll have to survive an encounter with the deadly Sorcha - she's the sort of woman who'd want Gilach dead BEFORE meeting him.
   And there's wisdom in that view.


Check out both books now using the LOOK INSIDE! feature over on Amazon. To read of Sorcha's early misadventures, click on the HALLOWE'EN INAUGURATION page on this blog for a free story.
   Neon Gods Brought Down by Swords and WITCHES will both be free on READ TUESDAY. You'll find a bunch of authors plugged on GREEN EMBERS and in many other locations.
   If you pick up my free stories on the day, do something for me - an act of remembering. Remember those stories carry weight. They may sit lightly on your Kindle. Pretend they are heavy.
   Free weightless books take more effort to read on the Kindle, for some reason. Treat the stories as readable - I didn't write them to be stored. I say that as a reader of paper books...I know exactly how hard it can be to read free stuff on the Kindle...
   (It's hellish, kick-starting that engine.)
   If you are storing free books on the Kindle, ask yourself why. Then read something. This goes for all those e-books out there on the day. Not just mine.
   And now, I say this to you. If you read my work, try to write a review. I'm not asking for rose petals strewn ahead of my sandaled feet in the streets of ancient Rome...
   All any scribbler could ask for is reviews. I won't come to your house for dinner if you give me five stars, and I won't be camped outside with a rifle if your view heads in the other direction.
   READ TUESDAY is about reading and writing. Try reading our books. And try writing reviews. We, as writers, hope you enjoy reading. For we enjoy writing.

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