Friday, 14 October 2016


Surviving the vortex of blog alteration, I embarked on an epic journey back through every blog post I made.
   To see if any of the photo layouts were screwed up by the vortex. Just shifting sidebars from right to left caused me major hassle.


And then I discovered a blogquake. In truth, I'd known about this for ages. Blogger updated the blah-de-blah and tweaked the thingummy and altered the terms of conditions for the heart of the sun.
   Along those lines.
   Deep in the archives, I found a photo layout roundly slapped by the vortex of blog alteration.
   I fixed that.
   Blogger wouldn't let me fix that. The red warning signs flashed on and told me everything lay broken. Broken. Damn. What to do? Security measures may be compromised...
   When people tell you that, walk off and buy a pizza.
   Well, what could I do? There was a button to fix this. Genuinely. Couldn't believe that. I tried to disbelieve that, but no.
   Fuck it.
   I thumped the button to fix EVERYTHING, and everything became, er, well, y'know...fixed.
   I pressed on further back into the archive. The deeper I went into the stacks, the fewer images appeared on blogs. A couple of items cried out for updating. I updated.
   The major consequence of all this bloggery is that I still can't feature snow on my blog. Everything else looks okay. I revised a few links - not many. Obvious ones.
   There is no inclination to check every single link on the blog. I do that when I work on Amazon Kindle books. Periodically, I go back in and ensure that all links function. But for the blog...you have to let a lot of that material settle in the dust...
   If you can't find a place after clicking a blog link, go and use an engine and search hard. I've had it with blog maintenance, for now. Oh, I'll return to it when there's another blogquake, I'm sure.


Upshot? I reacquainted myself with every person featured on the blog. There they all were...mostly. I had to update one guy's book cover for technical reasons.
   Read Tuesday is no more. But those people are still out there, writing, in the dark.
   Today I wondered at the relevance of the blog, staring at old posts. I laughed a lot at #badwritingtips. Technical changes mean that bits and pieces of writing advice are no longer as shiny as they were when scribbled. I can live with that.
   And now, to disappear into the ether. There, I'll investigate why two of my books don't show up on an Amazon widget. I republished both of those overnight, to see if that might make a difference.
   For this, I'll need coffee. Coffee is the one piece of writing advice that never grows old.

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