Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Miraculously, I've just added 35 42 feet of shelving. How I did this, I know not. It occurred to me that I might shift one small container...
   And then I'd make room for a bookshelf end-on, at the other side of the room. The shunting of furniture was required.


It's true. I sit here and type no more books. Then I reach saturation AGAIN, and I find a way to reorganise or rearrange available and unavailable space.
   But I don't go daft buying bookshelves. Last time I went daft buying a bookshelf, I rearranged things so much that I suspected I'd created room for two more massive bookshelves when the time came.
   The time came, but I moved that one small container and made room for an extra monolith.
   So, yes, this year, three jumbo bookshelves waltzed in and pushed saturation away from me. For...


No, I don't know how long.
   I recreated an alleyway. Placing bookshelves against the wall becomes a luxury. You hold off projecting books and their shelves into the room itself. The library doesn't put up with that nonsense...
   But the old office does. Easily, I walk into one room. Cautiously, I navigate my way through another.
   One place, I could run into. Not very far. The other place, well, if I ran in...
   I'd need to be stretchered back out.


At least I resolved thorny issues like bookcases in cupboards downstairs, or, gasp, bookshelves in the kitchen.
   A temporary horror, I assure thee.
   If I put bookcases in the loft, the loft will collapse on me in the middle of the night. That much we know as truth.


Foolishly, I thought I'd published this post. It's a post in need of a follow-up...
   Oh. Unpublished. In that case, I'll score through the figure at the start, and update the number.
   I clambered through awkward spaces after introducing new bookshelves, and reached a conclusion. That's a technical term.
   Wooden bookshelves in the loft? Bad idea. Those awkward plastic shelf units? If I reorganise my reorganisation of my reorganisation of things, I can shift those plastic terrors to the loft.

And so...
   Once I added organisation to my reorganisation, I had more space to fill. Instantly. And I moved another eight feet of shelving into the office.
   Doesn't sound like a huge amount of shelving. But to me, that's a golden value. It means I can shift another 35 feet of shelving in, spread across two rooms, at a later date.
   No, not next Monday.


The cry is not about books, and no more of them.
   Now the cry is of bookshelves, and where to cram them in. Nowhere. I am in sight of the final point of saturation.
   Books on shelves. Shelves in rooms. Less room available in rooms for things that are not books or shelves.
   My handy tape is sitting here, and I believe I can squeeze two more giant bookshelves in, if I take the chance on a measurement.
   It's taking that chance that'll kill me. Bookalanche is not a word you want to use on your epitaph.

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