Thursday, 19 May 2016


Calm the fuck down. This is not a gloomy blog post about my gloomy writing life. Fuck that shit.
   No. This is about having shit great timing. Or great shit timing. I'm undecided. Well. Damn.


I can't go into details. All of my writing plans are sitting to the side of a complicated book project that's orbiting this part of the universe in a treacle-paced loop.
   Set your alarm-clocks for Halley's Comet in 2061. I hope to publish again before then.


The best-laid schemes go tits-up.
   I quote loosely from the general text.
   My time is consumed by a writing project. Let's call it a collaboration. We'll say this hasn't gone smoothly. On the one hand, my timing was great. And on the shitty hand, not so much.
   Bad timing threatened to kill the project. But I did something, before reaching the death-knell. I made use of good timing, and that saved the whole project when the shitty timing kicked in.
   Shit great timing or great shit timing? The jury is out.


I spent a long time working on a book. The hammer-blow fell, and almost wrecked the deal. But I dragged the bloody pages from the jaws of defeat. Sleight-of-hand, trickery, misdirection, and the subtle use of mirrors all played a part upon the stage.


If I can't talk about this yet, what is my message to you? The show must go on. Standing on the stage with the curtains ready to part, I take a quick peek at the assembled audience.
   They seem like a nice couple.
   My advice to writers remains the same. Write. Never give up. Accept that a job you love doing, which seems like a dream-job to others, has its fair share of drudgery. Deal with it.
   Carry on. Pick yourself up. Dust off the defeat, and be as deluded as humanly possible. Believe in the delusion of writing.
   I've been on a long strange journey to nail this project to the wall marked DONE. And I've a longer stranger journey ahead of me now as I take stock of a major diversion.
   This is blog post 302, according to the counter. I know that's not quite true. Once or twice I accidentally published a blog ahead of being finished.
   Damned dodgy interface.
   But we'll go with the official counter, for want of an accurate machine.
   I'm staring at a book that almost died a death. Mouth-to-page resuscitation works wonders. If a project falls to bits, catch the bits. Revamp, regroup, rewire, and rewrite to save your writing life.
   It's not easy. But it is interesting.
   Did you write a book that fell apart? Were you lucky enough to save it for a rainy day? Did you change the names to protect the innocent?
   Learn from failure. Try again. Climb mountains, blast tunnels through solid rock, and parachute from the moon. Also remember, while you are doing those grand things, that it's only typing - and easy to fix.

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