Saturday, 7 March 2015


Well, maybe not about quantum physics and the effect of that topic on a cup of coffee.
   Broadly, though, yes, I'll blog about anything. Just take a gander at all those blog post labels, in that handy sidebar widget.
   Lafcadio Hearn shares blog time with Langston Hughes, Mary Shelley, Levi Strauss, and The War of the Worlds.
   Handy, if your Frankensteinian creation wears jeans during a Martian invasion that goes down during the Harlem Renaissance - all couched in terms of a bleak Japanese ghost story.


That's what I'd call a monster monster mash-up.


Last week I blogged about my one area of expertise - not being an expert in anything. Yes, I am somewhat inexpert in the area of being an expert at not being an expert. Maybe that qualifies me, or negates the whole thing. Possibly all three at the same time. I'd have said both, but I preferred to make an inexpert statement.

   Quantum physics, in action. No more talk of physics. That's all I'll say on the anti-matter.


Anyway, for those who came in late...
   Last blog post, I railed against being called an expert. It's not a term I'm keen on applying to writing. There's always more to learn. Now, I'll turn my baleful attention on the blog itself.


Should a writing blog be about the writing? If you want to drop character profiles on your audience, yes.

   Maybe you'd rather write about writing. How you do what you do. Where you do it. When. With a list of music going, in the background.
   In writing blog posts, some of us are forced to dredge up our knowledge of formatting, which isn't exactly writing - it pops a head around the corner every now and then.
   The question comes up. What is a writing blog really meant to be about? Whatever the hell you want it to be. I've posted fiction here. Formatting tips. A bit of legalese, now and again.
   I've mentioned dead writers. Live ones. Foodstuffs. Scientific lack-of-progress. Hell, I've blogged about stuff that's so obscure I'm half-sure it appeared only in dreams. Just not in mine.
   Last week's effort was the 250th blog post published here. I resisted the craving to go all anniversary-ish on people. Those review-of-the-year magazines never interested me. Tell me what the fuck you wanted to write about in December, damn it. Don't cover January-to-November all over again.


For a time, I blogged well in advance. And I recommend you try blogging in advance. Set those puppies up on a conveyor-belt and automate the shit out of the delivery.

   No more. For me, no. I'm looking for spontaneity again. If that means blogging about whatever-the-hell, then I'll blog it. Though...


I know what this blog is not. It's not about interviews with my characters, or character profiles, or recipes based on the worlds I created. I just don't feel like doing that stuff.


Maybe I'll blog about coffee. Not right now, for I must away and brew some.


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