Saturday, 17 January 2015


Exercise for writers.
   I'm sitting here wondering how long it would take to cover a mile. The average walking speed is based on the fatter person's resistance to oncoming wind - whether straight or from the side.


Research indicates that comfortable walking speed is, on average, around three miles per hour. It becomes harder to walk faster and still call the slog walking.
   Slog becomes jog. Soon, you are running.
   It's hard to walk more and more slowly. Why walk at half the speed? Unless you are inching your way through a space packed with fragile objects.
   By fragile objects, I meant landmines. Or a mousetrap with an egg in it, set to launch the egg at another mousetrap with an egg in it. And so on.


I've often written that you should take breaks. Nothing worse than finding your leg dead from pins and needles. Well, Deep Vein Thrombosis is worse than that. Amputation followed by death. Going out on a limb, there.
   So, yes, take breaks from writing. Don't just empty your bladder where you sit. Go to the specialised room for that.


Exercise. I think I'll try me some o' that. What will I get out of it? A blog post. Over the next week, I'll discover how long it takes to cover a mile. Comfortably.
   If I do three miles per hour, then I'll cover the distance in a rather tedious twenty minutes. That's grim. I've checked the weather, and the weather is grim...
   So I'll be walking on the treadmill. And the thought of doing a casual mile over twenty minutes, on a treadmill, is enough to drive me to hot chocolate.


What do I want to achieve? I'll switch the distance-ometer on, and watch the numbers crawl by. This is a writing exercise. How much exercise can the writer get through?
   This isn't about the amount of words we could all try to write in a day. It's about finding how fast we can move over a mile. Sadly, I know running is involved at the later stages of this madness.
   Goal. Walk a mile in twenty minutes. Or whatever it takes. Certainly not more than twenty minutes. Then. Cut the time. Daily. Better it. See how much exercise there is to do.
   Take it gradually.
   With a timer ticking.
   And, daily, improve. Down to what? I'll blog next week, and see how I did. How will you do? You'll just not bother. Or do about the same. Maybe you'll do better.
   Hell, maybe I'll not bother. :0

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