Thursday, 26 June 2014


This blog is delivered to me by e-mail. It's another way of backing up data. Blogger is a Google service. I send a copy of the blog to a non-Google e-mail provider, in case (gasp) Google dies or goes bust.
   Yeah. A meteor powerful enough to wipe out Google is probably strong enough to do more than just blister the paint on my fence.
   And if Google goes bust, Google deserves to. That's what comes of pinning a huge chunk of the economy on the secret artificial intelligence project Google regularly Tweets about.
   They'll never get that to work with cheese for circuits. Just sayin'.


Imagine my surprise when a giant meteor hit Google's cheese factory head-on.


No. Imagine my surprise when I checked my e-mail and saw a message from my blog. What?
   For reasons of the plot, I receive e-mail notifications when the blog takes comments - but that type of warning goes to another e-mail address.
   I post blogs right in front of me if I have the need to deal with some spontaneous matter of great import. Generally I schedule the blog posts to go out over the weekend, Saturday night into Sunday morning.
   What's this? An e-mail from my blog? Not a blog comment. The last one to come in was the recent one by E.B. Black, and that news arrived through the other channel.
   So this e-mail is from my blog, telling me my blog automatically published. Except. I don't publish on a Wednesday night. And I don't receive e-mail on Thursday morning saying this has happened.
   Therefore? My blog was hacked by Martians.


I didn't open the e-mail, of course. The message was suspect. I hovered over the message to pick up the data that said this came from a noreply service.
   Was that normal? From blogs sent via e-mail, yes.


What to do? Open the e-mail?
   Alternative? Check my blog. Maybe I'd accidentally blogged something and not realised. I had rooted around in the blog last night, tidying things and updating entries.
   But an updated entry isn't republished outright.
   There are ways to work on the blog that allow you to exit to the blog itself, and there are ways to leave that work without finding yourself staring at the blog after.
   I'd rummaged around in the blog and left without looking at the front page. There is no back page.
   Well, I checked the blog. Damn. Yes. I had somehow published an old post outright, instead of updating it. I sat staring at a wanted poster from the READ TUESDAY stuff I'd done last year.


READ TUESDAY is a book sale event. Imagine the seething rush of sales in December. HERE'S A BLOG POST ABOUT THAT.


I must have hit the wrong button last night, after checking half a dozen blog posts. Well, I returned to my e-mail and opened it. Oh, I've blogged. What a surprise.


And now I've blogged again. At least this time I suspect I think I guess I imagine I suppose I know what I am doing. Now to await the e-mail, telling me so.


  1. I'm so scared of ever posting something by accident. This is something I've never said before, but half the blog posts I write, I don't even post. I rarely ever post a blog after writing it, I usually make it sit awhile for a few days (up to a few months!) and then decide whether or not to post it after that time.

    Because I rant about weird things sometimes and sometimes I write blog posts that are a tiny bit too personal. It would horrify me if I ever accidentally posted those things without getting time to think about it!

  2. It's rare that I write and publish almost instantly. I leave writing to stew in its own juices for a wee while. Whether that's for hours, days, or weeks...I like to come back in and remove all the defamatory statements, add more swearing, and flame the glitches Blogger throws my way.


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