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Why not read every day of the week?
   READ TUESDAY is set for the 10th of December, 2013. This event is the brainchild of Chris McMullen. According to the Fleischer brothers, Christmas Comes but Once a Year.
   Though the push to sell gifts begins around September. What is a Christmas atmosphere? It's Christmas Christmas Christmas on television from the 1st to the 24th of December.
   On the 25th, the advertising industry turns its attention to holiday breaks. Book now!
   Let's apply that phrase to READ TUESDAY. Book now. Here's Chris in his own words...


THE PROBLEM: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge days for holiday shopping among retailers. However, most customers are buying electronics, toys, tools, and clothing.
   Most of the millions of books to choose from won’t be advertised as part of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales events, and most books probably won’t be discounted more than normal (except for any bookstores that choose to run storewide sales on those days).
   Many books may sell fewer copies than usual because many customers are busy shopping for other items that are featured in advertisements.
However, many people love to read books and would enjoy the opportunity to buy discounted books as part of a big sales event. Authors and publishers would similarly love to have a great sales event like Black Friday, but dedicated to books.

THE IDEA: Thousands of authors participate in special one-day pricing of incredible discounts. The event will be called Read Tuesday and is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2013.
   It’s simple, really: Each author promotes his or her own discount while simultaneously promoting the huge event. No author needs to do more work than normal, but by being part of a huge group of authors involved in this, each author can gain the enhanced publicity of the event as a whole.
   This encourages authors to participate in the event, as well as small publishers and booksellers.
   Of course, Read Tuesday is wonderful for readers, too. It’s a great opportunity for readers to stock up on books by their favorite participating authors. It’s also a great way to send gifts: instant delivery – but you can schedule the delivery, too – and no shipping or handling charges.


Tuesday comes around, and the e-book industry has its sale day. How did I bump into Chris and his event? Amazon revamped sale days for Kindle books.
   Before I threw a story into the new discount sale process, I ran searches on the internet to see what people were saying. That's how I discovered Chris.
   Here's his blog post on AMAZON COUNTDOWN.


Self-publishing is about experimenting. I'm going to include Neon Gods Brought Down by Swords in READ TUESDAY.
   Yes, READ TUESDAY is a publicity campaign. But joining that campaign would be an act performed without heart and soul if I signed up to it and did little more than paint my book across the READ TUESDAY sign.
   I must do more than stumble across the threshold of a digital publicity campaign. This isn't about me. It's about people I don't know.
   We are in the same literate boat, sailing in a tempestuous non-reading ocean.
   Action? I'm going to do my best to plug writers participating in READ TUESDAY. How? I'll provide a list of twenty questions, for starters. Those I'll answer and give to other writers. Yes, I'll take my answers on tour.
   Meanwhile, those writers might just answer my questions here on this blog. I don't think that's enough, though. Something tells me I'll have to plug writers who are unable to participate in READ TUESDAY.
   Those scribblers may not be in a position to run a discount on the day - for assorted technical reasons. Hell, I'll throw their replies on the blog anyway.


I stopped blogging to set a wrecked train of events in motion. A few READ TUESDAY participants were easy to contact. One website exploded when I went walking across a grassy meadow.
   For grassy meadow read MINEFIELD.
   That was on the technical side. As for content...there are authors I wouldn't make blush. Sending my answers to twenty questions would redden the cheeks of more than a few scribblers.
   What of the debauched? They can look after themselves. Half the time.


The process is gathering prototype snowball speed. Stay tuned. This blog post was brought to you by the READ TUESDAY banner, designed by Melissa Stevens at www.theillustratedauthor.net.

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