Monday, 18 November 2013


I thought I'd take a look at a different angle, from a different angle, in this post.
   First, this blog post isn't carrying the usual READ TUESDAY logo. There's no corporate sponsorship - I don't own shares in the venture - and I haven't been held at gunpoint. Just aiming for a bit of variety in leaving the logo off.


When I contacted loads of authors to see if they wanted to answer twenty questions on my blog, in aid of this Tuesday-based event, I decided I'd blog answers daily.
   Why? With a month to go and dozens of potential answerers, blogging daily was the only reasonable solution.
   There are a few sets of answers in the pipeline. For a variety of reasons, responses slackened off. It could be that a few more authors will check in after more than a week.
   People are busy. Some might hold off until close to the event. My own answers to my own questions are up on almost all of the participating blogging sites...
   The exception being Lois Winston/Anastasia Pollack/Emma Carlyle. She's holding my answers back until just before READ TUESDAY on the 10th of December, so that sticks in people's memories. A mini-advert.
   To potential contributors. If I've forgotten you, tell me. Walked through a blizzard of e-mail.


Has technology interfered? Yes. I see my blog picked up more followers. Try as I might, I've been unable to follow those people using similar gadgets on their blogs.
   Where possible, I follow blogs by e-mail. Or I just walk on over to the actual sites - you rarely have to travel so far on the internet that you develop blisters and a limp.
   And now a word about...
   I've tried and failed to import this blog to that site. You need to be a particle physicist to get that job done. Where's Chris McMullen when you need him?
   Yes, the READ TUESDAY guy is some kind of mad scientist. He's working on a formula for increasing spare time. To test that with any degree of meaning or sense, he's NOT working on that in his spare time. May take quite a while.


I followed people on the Twitter. Yes, I saw that can marked WORMS and I reached for the lid. Supporting READ TUESDAY, I decided to follow all the people on the @ReadTuesday Twitter feed.
   Forgetting that I set up an e-mail notification for Twitter the week before.
   So if I follow a batch of 50 people and they follow me, I'll have dozens of confirmatory messages in my in-box, swamping the rest of the traffic.
   I raced to the stove, but Twitter boiled over. And that was the first batch of 50. I had several pots on that cooker.
   So. If you followed me on Twitter, hello. I'm more of a Gritter - someone who uses Twitter through gritted teeth. Last night I helped out here and there with a hint or a tip, and one or two people pointed things out to me.
   On that basis, we'll say the night went successfully.
   And now, a poll. I can add a gadget to the blog, for poll-hosting purposes. But I'm not sure what sort of poll to host. There's little point hosting a Marmite poll. No one likes it.
   That's why the advertising plays off the love it or hate it ploy. It's a ploy. No one likes it. This was done on an episode of Mythbusters. They proved no one likes Marmite.
   Don't get me started on caviar. Or sauerkraut.


Was this a blog post about nothing? Ah hell, why not. This blog post was Twitterised before I published it here. Though, on the Twitter, I was interrupted by two writers who should feature on the blog shortly in READ TUESDAY Q&A sessions.

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