Monday, 21 October 2013


Cold rain fell in stair-rods.
   Now I am struggling to remember the last time I was in a house with stair-rods. That's far from the point. I'm remembering

Fuck - talk about irony. (WILL RETURN TO THIS COMMENT.)

   Anyway, as I was saying before I was SO interrupted, I'm remembering the weather from the night I opened my blog for business.
   There were comments before I opened officially. But the proper start to this blog came on a cold rainy night - Hallowe'en, 2011. I walked through the rain-drenched streets, dodging the raindrops.
   Rain fell so hard it clanged, disintegrated, and rose off the pavement in a misty swirl.
   My plan was to publish a book on Amazon. Before I did that, I'd blog six times. And before I did that six-post run, I'd start my blog. Before I did that, I'd run a test transmission or two.
   How to start my blog? Hell, if you blog as a writer of fiction then put a story on that blog.
   Over the weekend I wrote The Chalice in the Snow and nailed it on my blog's Hallowe'en Inauguration page. Just. Barely.
   Took me hours. Using this method of blogging. BLOGGER. I suspect infuriated users spell it in a slightly different way.
   I sat in the public library, sand running out. Wrestling the story into place was a hellish experience. The interface turned its face away.
   But I persisted, and the job was done. Spooky story, released into the wild Scottish night on Hallowe'en. Pronounce it hal. Not hollow. Then it'll sound more Scottish.
   It's hard to fit the letter r in there, to make the word sound e'en mair Callydonian.
   Using the public library for internet access brought its own problems. Addicts in the library. Technical faults became REALLY technical in a public place. Other distractions.
   The limit of time.
   Looking at my archive, I see that I blogged ten times in that first year - not counting dedicated pages. After that opening, I blogged at least once a week.
   Lately, I've been blogging more - as I now have the internet at home. The constraint of time was eased away. That made blogging less infuriating.
   No addicts, or similar distractions.
   The blog interface changed from that time to this. BUGGER, whoops, BLOGGER used to be bluer. I grew familiar with the backstage layout. Then the bastards moved production to a new theatre.
   If you are desperate for a whiff of the olden times, the internet will help you in your quest to return to that earlier interface.
   I started this post thinking blogging was easier for two reasons. One. I use the internet at home. Two. The change to the interface was for the good, in the end.
   But I reached...

Cold rain fell in stair-rods.
   Now I am struggling to remember the last time I was in a house with stair-rods. That's far from the point. I'm remembering

   That's when I received the warning that my work couldn't be saved, and I'd have to do something about it. Sacrifice goats. (Again? Really?)
   Anyway, if you are planning to blog about being a writer of fiction, throw some fiction on your blog. Try that Hallowe'en Inauguration page. See how things worked out for me.
   The story serves as an introduction to Sorcha, from Neon Gods Brought Down by Swords. That's a book I published on Amazon, after running my blog for a few weeks...
   Yes. All according to a plan that depended on the public library for internet access. I'm surprised I managed to publish the short story under those noisy conditions.
   Blogging. Not as infuriating as it used to be. Haven't lost a blog post yet. Is that the main thing? It'll do for now.


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