Monday, 29 July 2013


The end? A finish, of sorts. We’ve reached the end of regular blogging – for now. Time for irregular blogging. The rest of the zombie story will appear in the fourth volume of REPORT FROM A FUGITIVE.
   I used this blog as a fiction generator, bundling blog posts with stories from way back. And after three volumes, I’d caught up on dishing out arcane material. That fourth volume contains new stuff. Tales based around Doug Chambers.
   (UPDATE. Blog posts are no longer bundled with novels. And Doug's misadventures disappeared from the blog, to meet the exclusivity requirements over at Amazon Kindle.)
   Next? Blogging continues. But not at the level of 1,500 words per week, every week. I’ll check in now and again. There’ll be updates on impending publications. My books. Those of other scribblers.
   This post has a real day’s end feel to it. I’m typing after midnight, listening to Tiny singing his heart out. Check Ultrasound, for all kinds of sonic weirdness.


What’s next? Experiment. I am now going to plug my own books, one by one – weekly. Why? Experiment. I hope to interrupt that cycle with other news. Let’s see how the cards fall on that particular table.


I am Sorcha Nic Lir. Kill me, if you dare.

Seven men are fated to be sent into the dark. They mustn’t know that they are going to die. There’s no telling who they’ll bargain with, if they think that they are under threat. If they manage to convert the assassin to their cause, everything will fall apart at the outset.
   Fortunately, there’s a plan for dealing with the assassin. It’s the same plan, with the same element of risk. He, too, must not know that he is marked for death. There’s no telling who he’ll bargain with, if he thinks that he’s under threat.
   Gilach Mac Gilach will bargain with anyone, and possibly anything, if it means staying alive that little bit longer. Sent to the city to extinguish the lives of seven ne’er-do-wells, Gilach falls foul of a sudden change in the political mood.
   Within seconds of arrival, he realises that the rules of the game, and promises of gold, mean nothing to the covert agents pulling his strings. The stakes are ridiculous, the odds beyond reckoning, and the treasure unwinnable. Those factors never stopped him before. They could earn him a spot six feet under, this time round…

From the notes on this story…

Creating a Cold War sword and science setting seems like a mad meeting and eradication of styles. Quiller in Hyboria – The Conan Memorandum – though Gilach lacks Quiller’s analytical ability and morality…
   …Mr Quiller has a duty of care to people. Gilach has more in common with Brian Freemantle’s agent-as-survivor, Charlie Muffin. Try not to call him Charles. Anything, to survive. Betrayal’s just a word.
   As for Sorcha…you’ll have to read the book.

Unless you dive on that HALLOWE’EN INAUGURATION page, where you’ll find a story about the younger Sorcha – before she reaches the city.

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