Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Once upon a time, I sold my FICTION FACTORY stories as exclusive items. They weren't bundled in collections or digital boxed sets.
   Times change. With that in mind, I took the first five books in the series and slapped them inside a jumbo digital omnibus.
   I feel like saying omniboos.
   Mooltipass. Check out The Fifth Element. I'll wait for you.


Back already? That mooltipass sure is a time-saver.

   Why put out an omniboos? Because I can. I wrote six stories around the 30,000-word mark. One story isn't in KDP Select, for reasons of the plot...
   But the other five are part of KDP, so I can bundle them into one volume and drop that tome into KDP as well. Recent changes to Amazon's KDP system were designed to make the system fairer. We shall see.
   There are loads of different reasons for publishing an omnibus. It's one extra product on sale, and that's no bad thing. If someone reads a story, as a sampler, and decides to buy more of your short fiction, then you offer a saving on the deal.
   And we all like a saving on the deal. Here's that cover...

Size matters. Every Amazon Kindle book displays the first 10% free. What does that mean for WITCHES, first in the queue?
   The goal in writing a FICTION FACTORY story is to do the job in 30,000 words. Tiny intro. Beginning, middle, end. Three chapters, at roughly 10,000 words apiece.
   As a standalone Kindle book, WITCHES shows off a tenth of the total in the free preview. What's free? Around a third of chapter one.
   All is well and good. But wait a bit. Bundling five of those stories together, plus notes, and plugs for other books at the back of the collection, the omnibus runs around 200,000 words.
   Yes, with 10% free in the preview. That's about 20,000 words on display to the public, give or take. With WITCHES at the start of that collection, the omnibus reveals a much-inflated preview, showcasing the first two chapters of WITCHES.
   Checking the published preview, I see the free show stops half a dozen pages shy of the final chapter.
    I'm not complaining. It's an observation, about being careful how you bundle things. Anyone can read the start of each tale in the individual story previews.
   And anyone interested in WITCHES can read a taster from that volume, or most of the first two chapters in the preview over in the omnibus.
   Amazon's customers read these volumes free if they have Prime membership. So I am not too concerned about giving stuff out free. Hell, you can see that in the free samples on this blog.
   Yes, you could bundle stuff so that a whole story ends up appearing in a free preview. That's neither right nor wrong. It just is.
   I gave fevered thought to all this. And I mused over the categories and keywords Amazon offers. I also considered the blurb. Weeding was called for.
   After deciding to make the shift from no book to an instant collection, I toiled through the night. (Until 1.00 in the morning.) And, lo! Presto! I did even more weeding in the proper morning.
   Caffeine fuels my every move - including every move nearer more caffeine. That's pretty much where I came in.
   First, I republished everything. All books. Tidied blurb. Looked at hyperlinks. Revised notes for use in the collection. Updated the back matter in every publication.
   Toil? Drudgery? Yes. Fun? Creating a book is always fun. Else, why bother.
   VAMPIRES features as the last story in the collection. I went with an image from the photo-shoot that gave me the cover for that book.
   Links to the model Kaya Brown...


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