Friday, 31 October 2014


Something spooky for Hallowe'en.
   And why not. I walked through the Dictionary Definition of torrential rain to create my inaugural Hallowe'en story here on the blog back in what the live persons are now calling the day.
   Update. I hired two gravediggers to pipe the internet into the vaults, so I needn't leave the comfort of my crypt tonight.
   Today's forecast was for the warmest Hallowe'en since records began. Quite possibly, since Hallowe'en began.
   Summer is a-comin' in.
   No. It's not that warm. The sun rose, was mugged by clouds, and retreated. The end. After that, night swept over the land with the gleeful enthusiasm of a vampire locked inside a blood-bank.
   Now guisers walk abroad...
   This is not a book cover. In the same sense that Magritte's pipe is not a pipe. Or, adding a brittle veneer of surrealism, who knows? Maybe that pipe was a pipe, all along, until about five minutes ago when it wandered across its pipe-by date.

   No, this is not a book cover. It's just a test image, checking size and pixels and the blackness of blackness. The book cover'll come along later.

   This image, cropped and with some titles thrown on, appears here by kind persimmons of Kaya Lili Brown, copyright 2014.
   It's the Lili part of her name, short for LILITH, that gives away her spuiky Oirish vampoire heritage. (I may be making some of this up. Well, I write fiction. Sue me.)
   (Don't sue me.)
   There will be a photo-based book cover for VAMPIRES. Kaya Brown features as one of the undead. I know. You're all shocked that she wasn't signed up to portray a nun.
   Maybe next time. ;)
   Meanwhile, I'm introduicin' ye to Kaya Braown or Brine. She's an artist/model operating out of Belfast. How spuiky is the Vampoire Quean? She loikes spoiders.


I was researching. Trying to eradicate Japanese references from a Japanese story. (It's that sort of story.) While looking at all that stuff on the YouTube...

   "You eated my cookie?"
   "Kittehs bring teh lolz."
   "Tentacle porn. Ew. How long's that been a thing?"
   I spotted Kaya Brown and a video on WHAT NOT TO SAY TO GOTH GIRLS.


Had to interrupt the blog there. While checking that link, I was directed to a quiz on how Goth I might be. Well, I'm not. But I took the quiz anyway.
   Being me, I didn't answer all the questions and I scored 49% Goth. I went back in and answered all the questions and scored 58% Goth. Well. Damn.
   It's cool that I could submit a partial questionnaire and not automatically find the semi-answers rejected by technology. Well, it's Hallowe'en and we're all Goths tonight. It's the egg-throwers who are the Vandals.


Annie-way, as they say in Kaya's street, I researched pastel pastel pastel pastel pastel pastel pastel SPOOKY TARANTULA MOMENT paste pastel pastel pastel...
   WTF?! Rewind.
   I gave her a few minutes of my lunch. Was she going to be humourless? Would I waste my time on her video channel?
   Well, you know the answer to that.
   Here was a photographer/model willing to work with me on book covers.
   While we talked that over, she put out a tutorial on creating her VAMPOIRE QUEAN look. The unoriginal idea I had for a vampiric photo stood up and politely withdrew from the parlour. Gasp.
   The final cover will use something very similar to Kaya's spuiky visage, as depicted above. For more on Kaya Brown, who uses the label TOXIC TEARS, try...




  1. Good news. I watched the video and I don't say offensive things to goth girls.

    Bad news. I couldn't stop clicking on videos the goth girl video linked to and I just wasted an hour on youtube. :(

  2. Good news. You can't really offend Goths. Indifference, the default Goth setting, is immune to offence.

    Better news. TV died and was replaced by the YouTube. And you never waste any time there. It's research. That's what it is. Research.

    We learned two things today. You can't offend Goths. Writers never waste time - it's all research. Goth writers never waste time and can't be offended. Okay. Maybe that's three things.

  3. Yes, that's what I kept telling myself. I was "researching" because I kept watching all these different people with such interesting lives and ways of thinking and kept thinking about how I wanted to make them into characters. Including the goth girl. There is not enough goth people in novels. And she had really cool eyes.

  4. Well, by coincidence, the Goth girl was already in talks with me over doing character-based book covers when she put out her Vampoire Quean makeup tutorial. This cemented her place as the choice for the role of the party vampire.

    As for research, I spent over an hour researching stuff before I could answer various comments on my blog posts. :0

    Is there no end to this madness? No, there is no end to this madness. Good. I'm glad.


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